About us

Lege Advisors Sp. z o.o. (formerly Lege Artis Biuro Doradców Majątkowych) was established in 2004. For more than a decade of our presence in the market, we have not only gained extensive experience in the real estate industry, but also developed our advisory and consulting services to ensure our clients are supported at every stage of their business journey. With many clients, we work on a daily basis while with others we work indirectly, just supporting their essential decision-making processes. Repeat business from clients provides the best evidence that our services are effective and valued.

We are a group of specialists who are continually learning and adapting to changing market needs. We provide individual and corporate clients with professional services of real estate appraisal, business valuation and analysis. We also deliver advisory and consulting services to entrepreneurs from a wide range of business sectors. Our team includes property appraisers, surveyors, construction engineers, economists and lawyers. Our appraisers are members of the Warsaw Association of Property Appraisers, which is part of the Polish Federation of Associations of Property Appraisers.

Where necessary, we engage proven third-party consultants possessing a very narrow but deep engineering or legal specialisation. Providing essential high-level insights to meet clients’ needs is our number one priority.

Our extensive experience in the Polish market,  combined with our tracking of global trends, has enabled us to grow, compete and fulfil our commitment to delivering high-quality services. Our registered office is in Warsaw where our team of experts is based (for details, see ABOUT US > Team). In addition, we collaborate with our network of partners across Poland. We constantly analyse business and real estate in order to predict market behaviours in various segments, which is why we describe ourselves as advisors.

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