Market analysis

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Our services include an analysis of the real estate market or any specific sector market analysis.

We support projects through:

  • transaction prices analysis
  • offer prices analysis
  • supply/demand analysis
  • forecast analysis for particular real estate and business sectors

The scope of our market analysis depends on the specific business assumptions applied. As such, each time, the scope of research is established only after detailed consultation with the client.

The following illustrates the process of preparation for an analysis journey with us:


Real estate market analysis

In commercial real estate, we can help clients wishing to explore sales prices, rent rates, exposure time, as well as local market supply and demand. We can provide analyses for any location, and prepare a detailed report. On the basis of this, you can make confident and informed decisions regarding business strategy, market entry and project viability. Our experience in sector surveys, including real estate and other industries, enables us to effectively collect and analyse the data you need for effective decision-making.

Specific sector market analysis

In any business sector, we can help our clients in the decision-making process concerning going into business in Poland or changing business strategy within current operations. Depends on your needs, we can analyse all accessible data (within your specific business sector) and present it as a detailed report, or undertake other types of market testing to structure projections of sector parameters. The range of sectors is wide open – covering anything from a fitness club business to high-quality agricultural business. Whatever your needs, we’re ready to apply our skills to help you assess and manage the nuances of your particular business environment in Poland.

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