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Record Year for Mortgage Valuation Division

2019 was the record year for the Mortgage Valuation Division. It saw us preparing more than 1800 appraisals for the purpose of securing banks’ claims arising from loans. This number is by 25% higher than last year. Most, however not all, of the appraisals were valuations of typical real properties (residential units, undeveloped land or properties built up with residential buildings). Across Poland, we also performed dozens of valuations of atypical structures earmarked for commercial uses. Our most interesting and largest projects include:

1. valuation of the real property built up with a complex of production, storage and administrative buildings, with the total usable floor area exceeding 11 000 m2, for a window and door hardware manufacturer seated in the Wielkopolska Province;

2. valuation of a mansion with the usable floor area exceeding 500 m2, including accompanying buildings, located near Warsaw;

3. valuation of land plots with the total area of approx. 320 ha, located in the Province of Lower Silesia, encompassing areas earmarked for various uses, including arable land, woodland, industrial and retail service land,  and residential and farm land;

4. valuation of an outpatient clinic with a pharmacy and a dentist’s office, with the total usable floor area of approx. 800 m2, located in the Mazovian Province;

5. valuation of a real property with the area of approx. 1 ha, on which a building with the area of approx. 3,500 m2,  that combines storage, retail service and office functions and is intended to serve as recording studio, is being erected;

6. valuation of a non-public nursery in the Opole Province;

7. valuation of land with the area exceeding 4 ha, earmarked for sports and tourism services, in the Province of Lower Silesia;

8. valuation of a real property built up with a complex of storage buildings with the total area of approx. 5,500 m2, located in the Wielkopolska Province;

9. valuation of a real property built up with a commercial and retail service building with the usable floor area exceeding 1,100 m2, located in the Tri-City.

Starting another year, we hope for it to be equally fruitful and challenging as the previous one.

We are looking forward to doing business with you. Contact: 

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